What is Different?

PigmentInc® redefines dye sublimation ink with a breakthrough formula which changes the level of expectation for dye sublimation inks as we know them today. The idea is this: Can you imagine not needing special tack paper because the tack is in the ink – the convenience of one ink for both transfer and direct prints. Furthermore can you imagine this with virtually unlimited colors? It exists and is now available: PigmentInc® P40i’s Dye Sub Ink.

Tack Paper or Direct Print

PigmentInc® P40i patented dye sub ink employs the use of chemically inert nano-agents which are heat activated at 180-200ºC when using standard heat presses, calendars and fixation heat units. Once heat is applied, chemical bonding occurs and the ink adheres to both the fabric and the paper. How easy is that? No more ghosting or image shift problems.

Crisp Images

PigmentInc® P40i offers the ability to print detailed transfers without the use of tack paper and delivers less cockling with heavier ink loads. Crisp imaging is standard with PigmentInc® P40i.

Reduce Paper Cost Up to 25%

PigmentInc® P40i reduces dye sub paper transfer costs by as much as 25% by enabling the use of the most basic non-tack dye sub papers with the same ultra-crisp output of tacky paper. In some cases, users may want to enhance the stickiness of their tack paper. Combining PigmentInc® P40i with tack paper creates super tack capabilities or eliminate paper costs completely by direct prints (higher viscosity versions also available for Ricoh and Minolta heads).


No Clog with EPSON Printheads

PigmentInc® P40i has been tested for an extended period, and has completed internal certification for use with even the most advanced EPSON printheads. Extensive long term testing ensures the runability and no clog formulation of the ink (runs perfect in current hi-speed DX7 printers).


Virtually Unlimited Colors

PigmentInc® P40i hi-fi fifteen color set is truly innovative and images an eye popping range of colors. With three new neon colors: Neon Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Blue combined with Super Black, Standard Black, Gray, Light Gray, Orange, Blue and traditional CMYK, Lc, Lm formulation, PigmentInc® P40i provides a color gamut 30%-40% greater than standard dye sublimation ink. In fact, PigmentInc® P40i offers the widest color gamut in the industry and this expanded color gamut is available in 4, 6, 8 or 12 color sets or in any combination.

Enhanced 4 Color

PigmentInc® P40i even enhances four color printers by using traditional Cyan and Magenta with Neon Yellow and Super or Standard Black. Additionally, other neon colors can be substituted for the traditional colors from our ink set.

Dual Purpose Ink – PigmentInc® P40i was developed for both dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric imaging making this ink very versatile.

Light Fastness – PigmentInc® P40i received outstanding light fastness results for seven different classes of tests using the Blue Wool Standards (EN ISO) for textile inks.

PigmentInc® P40i InkPacks – P40i comes in one liter vacuum packed mylar ink packs. The ink packs come degassed and eliminates both contaminants and evaporation which occurs with open containers. P40i ink packs enhance overall jetting performance and are designed for hi-speed printers with latest generation DX7 printheads.


Click to download your PDF brochure and Fastness datasheet.

Brochure-Calendars PigmentInc P40i sublimation fastness data GoTx Decorative Applications and Solutions Brochure
Brochure Datasheet Applications

Key Features

  • Fifteen incredible colors including Neon Yellow, Neon Red, Neon Cyan, CMYK, Super Black Lc, Lm, Orange and Blue and light blacks.
  • Proven in all generation Epson heads including latest generation DX7.
  • One ink for both direct and transfer.
  • Get vibrant pop with neon colors combined with four, six or eight color set-up.
  • World’s first – heat activated tack provides enhanced tack for ultra-sharp imaging hold ultra fine detail even at hi speed mode with economy type paper.
  • Eliminates image ghosting and can decrease costs by up to 25% using basic dye sub paper.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Available in 1000 and 2000ml foil packs, 1000 and 2000ml twist top bottles.

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