Reactive Ink Chemistry for digital Inkjet Textile printing

Cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, black, light black, orange, red and blue. The PigmentInc® P50i reactive series is high performance well engineered ink series available for Epson print heads. Designed for high speed printing with latest generation piezo printheads. Our degassed bag system delivers outstanding performance with less clogging and maintenance needs. Our extended color gamuts are maintained because of our propriety pigment and binder technology. Repeatable, deep colors and rich blacks. Even difficult violet and greens are easily achieved. The PigmentInc® P50i reactive ink series excels in production.


PigmentInc® P50i series of pre-coatings are optimised to give best performance with PigmentInc® P50i inks on various substrates. PigmentInc® series pre-coatings yield high colour fixation and excellent end use properties. Pre-coatings are available for cotton, viscose, silk, wool, linen.

For silk fabric particularly these pre-coatings provide exceptional sharpness and higher printable ink limits. The whiteness and the handle of the original fabric is also retained. When used with PigmentInc® P50i reactive series inks, its an out of the box chemistry solution for anyone wanting to digitally print with reactive inks. Perfect for all direct print to textile applications.



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