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Print For Pay
Many entrepreneurs and/or designers do not have the ability to print in house, so there is an abundant need for textile print services in all of the ink categories. We currently supply our solution to companies who provide these services. Customers will print everything from very small orders (18” x 18”) to very large orders (yardage) for the end user to make their finished products. Other customers using our solution also provide the sewing. The DIY revolution going on worldwide has created many small niche markets that need a provider for their printed fabric. is a great example of the crafter digital market. No doubt you have also seen the growing popularity in the sign industry with banners and graphic displays now in textiles.

Our solutions have saved designers time, effort, and expense. Prior to using digital printing technology, designers have been limited in three major areas:

  • Limitation on Colors due to screen set up costs per color
  • Design Security
  • Large amount of time from design completion to seeing design on fabric


  • Sustainability
  • Low energy consumption (electricity, water)
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Less Investment, Higher Savings
  • Sampling costs dramatically reduced
  • No more engraving departments
  • No more cost and stock of screens
  • No more colour kitchens
  • No set up costs
  • Manpower Flexibility
  • Easy training
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Quicker response to customer needs
Pigmentinc has provided a solution for designers for all of the above issues. Digital production has captured the imagination of designers because they now have the ability to combine CAD, graphic design, photographic images and limitless colors. Digital printing in-house keeps your designs secure. Designers can immediately see what their design will look like on fabric and have the ability to make changes instantly.

Due to the proportion of the textile and apparel industry that relies on manual labor for its high volume commodity products- the Western European manufacturing facilities have outsourced commodity volumes to China for example but a recent trend for European textile and apparel industry is to stay vibrant and economically healthy by focusing on technological based process’s that garner a higher perceived value. By moving into a higher quality form of print you now have the ability to print low volumes economically that are commercially viable, A desire from the buyers globally is for more bespoke or one off type digital prints that retain a higher value at retail. Digital printing is cost effective and competitive to screen print in these high value markets.

In addition, digital textile printing increases your ability to incorporate more colors in designs. High import fees, pirating of designs, and the economic need to POD have all contributed to the inclusion of digital textile printing in business models. Our high production customers have cut their costs by eliminating import fees and reduced their inventory loss by printing on demand, letting the cash register drive their sales.

The evolution of digitally printed textiles is now being recognized and implemented in the educational sector. Many Colleges have Departments for Textile and Apparel. Class I and 3 printers can teach both pigment and dye printing in order to prepare their students for their future. To best prepare students for the diverse textile industry through exposure to digital printing, Pigmentinc deliver complete educational equipment packages and training. Currently, we are working with a number of universities to help them obtain the funding necessary to add this technology to their programs.

In House Sampling
A major cost to any size business is sample production cost and the cost of time lost in waiting on sample production. In house digital textile printing is changing how businesses are approaching their sample production by speeding up turn-around times and deeply cutting the cost of sample production. Each of our class of printers has the ability to produce samples because digital textile printing enables you to print exactly the size and quantity needed. Even though the larger machines can print in production mode, you can still print as little as needed. Digital printing eliminates waste of material, time, and money.


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